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Mulching & Fertilisation

Our team at Green Ocean Lawn & Garden Maintenance believe that nothing improves the garden’s aesthetic feel and plant growth like mulching and fertilisation do. We greatly advise all gardens that we work with to be mulched and fertilised as they help in all-around garden growth and improvement. As gardens and lawns start to slow down in winter, it is considered a perfect season to get them mulched and fertilised to give that extra boost that they need as the weather drops, easing their way to summer.


Mulching has many benefits such as

  • Weed suppressing
  • Has helpful bacteria and fungi to help your garden
  • PH balancing
  • Nutrient rich
  • Reduces evaporation
  • Retains water & nutrients


For a start, unless you are growing plants in their natural habitat and returning all waste matter to the soil, the soil will need to be fertilised to replace lost nutrients. As well, those garden plants that originate in soils with higher nutrient content they will need to be fertilised to grow happily. Another reason for fertilising is that, in time, established plants use up all the goodness in the surrounding soil. And some plants, such as fruit trees, vegetables and roses, have been bred to be super productive and need extra. Lawns are other good examples. Every time the lawn is mowed and the clippings removed, the plants have to begin re-growing their leaves again.

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